ANDREA MOSAICblu_sky_256[1].jpg

1.Execute AndreaMosaic from the desktop
Program name
Aspect Ratio
When to use

With generic images
AndreaMosaic Square
When you want that all tiles have the same width and height
2. Press the button SelectTiles. In the new window that appears you can add the
directories/folders where your images are located using the Add Folder button or

doing a Drag&Drop from Windows Explorer into the Folder List.
3. From the Drop Down list below the Open Archive button you can populate the
“Required Folders” and the “Exclude Folders”. The Required Folders will contain
images that are always used in your mosaic. Please don’t have too many images in
those folders because your mosaic will be less beautiful. The Exclude Folders are

subdirectories of the Include Folders that you don’t want to use for the tile list.
4. Afer you complete populating the Include Folders press the button Save or Save
As. AndreaMosaic will analyze all the JPG files that are in those directories and
subdirectories. You have to wait for the program to reach 100%. You can cancel the

process by pressing the OK button.
5. When the program reaches 100%, you will be asked for a location to save the Tile
Archive. Choose any location and any name. The creation of your archive is now
complete, and you can go back to the Main Window. You only need to do this the
first time. In your future use of the program you can directly load your archive using

the Open Archive... button.
6. Choose what image you want to use as the Matrix of the mosaic. The
program will create a mosaic as close as possible to the original image.
7. Press the button Create Mosaics.
This is the last step to create the mosaic. You only need some patience now. At the end of the process, a message will confirm that the mosaic was successfully
created, asking if you want to open the folder where the mosaic is stored. It is a
subfolder with the same name and location as each Original Image. You can also

open the folder by clicking on the blue text below the Original Image list.

8. If you want to create a video, use PhotoStory 3 for Windows.