Information about workshops we attended as a team or individually.

CoreEd Breakfast: Software for Learning and Digistore - 17 September 2010

Using digital content and software resources to enhance learning
- How can ICT supplement traditional ways of teaching and open up new and different ways of working?
Feedback and impressions from eLead teachers who attended:
Bruce-The Digistore presentation was well presented from Helen Cooper. Most of it was as I remember from earlier in the year when we had the V.C session with Fiona Grant and ICTPD session the e-Lead teachers took. The new part I was interested in was the new content they're are adding before ULearn next month. I look forward to viewing this.

Digistore for Digital Resources:Digistore.docx by Dinesh

The Conscious Competence Model

Here are two resources about change and the different stages of learning.
Shift happens (NZ version) is a Youtube video about managing change.Shift happens
I've come across the Conscious Competence Model at several conferences. Thanks to Andrew Churches who has a good link in his wiki explaining the model.
When we work in environments where we are teaching colleagues, this model is very useful in understanding the process of learning.

Te Ara Hou workshop: 12 May